Alexander recorded specialized keyboard parts in collaboration with Steve Stoeckel, singer / songwriter / bassist for The Spongetones and Jamie and Steve.  He is also a singer / songwriter in Pop Co-Op

"Alex is a remarkable musician, a keyboardist whose grasp of musical styles and technical abilities outstrip his relatively young age. I've not only heard him play and watched him improvise on the spot, but have used him in my recordings. I was impressed with his ability to quickly assess what the song needed and play it perfectly the first time.

I've been playing professionally for over forty years, and I would put Alex's knowledge of music and playing abilities against good musicians many times his age." - Steve Stoeckel

He recorded keyboard and organ parts on four songs on the February 2017 Four State Solution album released by Pop Co-Op. He was subsequently invited to play on three songs on the April 2020 Factory Settings release by the same band.